Banco De Oro Find Ways. What Ways?

I do not mean this to be a smear campaign. I just really can’t contain my disappointment with Banco De Oro’s system. The only proof I have that they find ways to serve their clients is their extended banking hours. Sadly, the three counts of personal discomforts I experienced transacting with them over shadows this fact.

Instance #1: ATM Account
I opened an ATM account with them and decided to apply it for online banking. They told me that application can be done on the internet. So I signed up when I arrived home only to discover that after filling up the online form, I have to print it out and submit it to any of their branches. Unfortunately, I don’t own a printer. So I thought that I’ll just go to the bank to ask for a form and fill it up there. They have no form. They told me that application can ONLY be done on the internet. So I looked for a computer shop, had the form printed out, returned to the bank to submit it, and they informed me that I just need to wait for an email informing me that my online banking is activated. That email my friends took three weeks

Instance #2: Personal Loan
I accompanied a friend to complete the requirements for his approved personal loan. He decided to submit it in Cash & Carry and chose to open an account (with Cash Card as another option) to claim the money. However, after much discussion about payment methods with the bank personnel, he realized that it is more convenient to get it through Cash Card instead. Unfortunately, we have to apply for it in Mall of Asia. So, we went there and experienced another dissatisfactory service. They could not find in their system the details pertaining to the loan and when asked if they could call up the loan officer who contacted my friend, they said that they could not do that. So my friend had to call up the guy using his own cellphone and ranted his heart out. :D After much ado, the cash card was issued and he was told that the money will be credited after 3 working days which was supposedly last Monday. He won’t be getting it until Friday!

Instance #3: Credit Card
To cut the story short, I had four credit cards from different banks and BDO is the only bank I heard of that requires a credit card transaction slip as application requirement.

Have you experienced something similar with them or have they managed to stood up to their promise of finding ways that will work for you?

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113 thoughts on “Banco De Oro Find Ways. What Ways?

    • yeah me too. it was definitely easier to open an account in BPI, plus the employees were nice, not surly like the ones in bdo. bitches.

      • I’m agree w/o.. BDO employess are stupid especially in Megamall branch . I don’t think “We find ways” suits them. Nakakairita tlga sila.. Mga suplada..!!!

  1. naku kapatid. Ako I had a bad experience with Union Bank naman. Iboblog ko pa nga yun. I am so angry at the manager because of her unprofessionalism. kainis.

    disappointing talaga. i was expecting a good service from them especially aggressive sila ngayon sa market. hayy..

    wala na bang matinong bangko sa pilipinas? lolz

  3. ako banco de oro na debit ako sa knila, ay nko dahil other bank ang ginamit ko atm bumilang ng buwan hanggang ngayon wala pa na debit ko kainis nga. client pa naman ako ng BDO pero pag other bank na pla transaction mo super tagal……

  4. Charles,

    I’m sorry to hear that. :( Sana naman maayos na iyang problema. Mas stressful yan kasi bad service na nga tapos nawalan ka pa ng pera.

    Thanks for leaving a comment and feel free to visit back. :D Have a great day!

    ~ Ronnie

  5. well, u guys should consider d policies of the bank itself.. u shouldnt rely on whatever u think u should.. pag d nga talaga sanay mag bank.. haayzz..

    for me , banco de oro is no. 1.. aside of having low interest in credit cards, they also have d lowest interest in loans…

    • ..And not just because a person is complaining doesn’t mean they do not understand bank transactions. We’re talking about customer service. Banks use our money, so we are their clients. They are not the boss. We use their service, and we expect excellent service from them.

      • Mag-icip ka sis….e walang kuwenta yan BDO..biro mo nag-loan ako 100k. tpos 1mon na wala pa, then nalaman ko denied ako. dhil 5mos p lng ako sa bgong company ko dito sa saudi..di yata nila nakita na 8yrs na ako dito sa previous compny ko dito din sa saudi..mga gunggong. then sasabihn nila after 6mos ako pwede, so 1yr na ako nun..may pera naako nun. kaya nga ako nanghihram need kung after 6mos..di ko na kailngan.

    • Eh bopols ka pala eh. Sila na nga mismo nagsabi sa akin na. “Buti pa nga inaaccomodate pa kita”. Syempre nasa inyo pera ko may magagawa pa ba ako. I was trying to encash my check from BDO ADB to BDO Southmall yesterday.

      Just so it means that there are bank policies regarding financial crimes that does not mean they are kings and lords of our country. “KAYA BUMABAGSAK ANG BANKING SYSTEM NG PILIPINAS. CUSTOMER SERVICE PA LANG NAKAKAINIS NA.” Bakit ko pagkakatiwala pera ko sa ganitong bangko.

      • angry customer, baka isa lang ID mo, dapat valid ha! ex passport, driver’s license, unified ID or voter’s id….malamang postal id or tin card dala mo

  6. Hillary,

    interest rates is not the issue here. i agree, they have the lowest rates. what i am sharing here is how unpleasant my banking experience was with them.

    may instance #4 pa nga ako where in 6th ako sa pila pero na serve ako 30 minutes later pa.

    hindi naman sa hindi ako sanay mag bangko, hindi lang kasi ganito ang experience ko with other banks I have account with.

  7. On Instance No. 1: Yes. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why they can promote ebanking and through-email-’contact us’ but they cannot accommodate online applications.

  8. WENG,
    oo nakakatawa talaga. kaya ka nga naga-apply for online banking kasi di ka nga makapunta sa bank. pif!

    thanks for dropping a comment. feel free to visit back. :D

  9. yung dad ko nagapply ng credit card sa bdo last year and until now wala pa din kaming balita if approved ba siya or hindi (so obviously denied siguro un). hindi naman namin macheck kasi my father is working abroad. twice a year lang siya andito sa pinas. and bdo told us that he should be the one doing the follow-up on the application.not my mom or anyone. ang hirap talaga magapply ng credit card pag ofw pero yung ofw din naman ang mas madaming pera pambayad kesa mga local workers. no offense sa mga local workers. and comment on their atm, i hate it! i used to have an account at bdo but i decided to close it kasi ang haba ng pila pag magdedeposit or magwiwithdraw ka. so far un lang naging experience namin sa bdo.

  10. Hi Mike,

    i agree with you regarding the line. i did an over the counter deposit once and siguro mga 6th or 7th ako sa line pero it took me more than half an hour of waiting (standing) for my turn. how inconvenient di ba. kasi isa lang ang teller. naman naman!

    Anyways, thanks for the visit and feel free to visit back. Have a nice day. :D

  11. I have an EQ card but unfortunately they were bought by BDO. After that service went spiraling down. Cases in point:
    1. I paid peso cheque for my dual currency EQ card OTC in BDO. It takes 4 days for payments to be posted. 3rd day I called to ask that payment be monitored as I was leaving for the US. Long story short, stupid teller posted my payment to my peso account instead of dollar. Ergo, parang wala akong bayad sa dollar when i fact, I overpaid by at least $100 para wala sana akong problem sa US. Declined card ko. I called they hotline using my cell (roaming charges amounting to 4K) to demand an explanation and for BDO to rectify their error. Weekend, wala daw yung boss who can approve. It tooks several screams of WTF and stupid A..holes before they called me back half a day after to tell me it has been reinstated. Unfortunately, I was already driving to the airport for my back to Manila flight.
    2. In Manila, I called BDO hotline, asked for increase in credit limit which will take 3 weeks to process. Faxed the required letter and waited 3 weeks. Called to ffup after 3 weeks and surprise! They did not get the letter and I asserted that the CSO I spoke to promised she will process and give me a call in case of any issue. I demanded for an email address instead since who uses fax nowadays? They gave me one but after 3 outgoing mails, they confirmed receipt. Again, I waited and assumed they were processing it. After a week, they claimed that I needed to fax the email to them. I was enraged because it seems emailing to them meant faxing the document. I requested for ALL their fax numbers and deluged all numbers with my document. I also demanded that a processing time should be shorter since we had been playing ping-pong for more than a month. I finally got the increase in 3 days but the stress factor they gave was worth more than the 45K increase to my credit limit.
    3. I went to Silver City BDO and inquired if I am better off switching to BDO Gold card instead of retaining my EQ gold. They simply were too stupefied to give me a rundown of the benefits. They can’t even market their products well.

    So, “we find ways”…..yeah, BDO certainly and without a doubt finds ways to harass and disservice clients.

  12. hi ICLEE!

    wow that’s a long story of disappointment… anyways, i do hope that they find ways to improve.

    thanks for dropping a comment and have a great weekend! feel free to visit back.

  13. I was once a loyal EquiPci Bank depositor and sometimes I used to market this bank to my colleagues, friends and relatives because of their great service… that was BEFORE the merger with BDO. But today thats its already BDO and adopted their BULOK system which I hated so much, makes me very stressful everytime I go and transact to this bank, I’am having second thoughts if I should still maintain my account or I should go to another bank, huh!…. Thanks to their employees’ ( old EquiPci Bankers) if it’s not for them am moving out really pero tignan ko lang kung hanggang saan pasensya ko abutin hehehehe….
    I would like to share some comments and I wish it could reach the top management of BDO so that they can rectify some of their policies which I think ha nasisira sila dahil dito…..
    1. With regards to their ATM System… Sana maibalik yung paggamit ng fund transfr facility thru ATM machines para mas mapabilis ang banking system sa kanila kahit enrolled or di enrolled yung account eh pwede kasi mas convenient yun para samin na parents na me pinag aaral sa manila na anytime need nila pera eh pwede kami transfer lang sa account nila anytime of the day without going to our branch of account, especially na malayo kami dito at me mga katabi lang naman atm machines sa kalapit na lugar namin. Am so Bwisit nung BDO system ang inadopt….bumagal lahat ng galaw pati kami nadamay… Tas pag nagpunta ka sa branch mag interbranch deposit kahit 20kms lang ang layo me charge na naman…gastos nanaman…. samantalang kung thru ATM machine eh mabilis pa sa alas kuwatro. menos gastos pa…… Sobra greed sa kwarta ang banko nila ngayon… charge sila ng charge bawat galaw mo, kainis… maawa naman sila sa mga maliliit na depositors……

    • ang alam ko walang bayad ang inter branch deposit ang alam ko inter regional branch deposit ang meron!!!! pero from the start i became client of BDO wala naman akong nalaman na may bayad ang inter branch!!!! ask ka sa BDO if you are really a client of BDO!?!?!?

      • I’ve been a client of BDO for the past years po and meron talaga 100 pesos charge for the inter branch transactions. I opened my acct @ Angeles City Nepo Mart branch pag super haba ng pila sa branch na un I go to the other BDO branches sa Angeles City (usually ung near Carmelite Monastery) at meron po tlgang charge..(without the super daming exclamation points and questions marks…dot dot dot lang…hehe…chill lang po)

      • I’ve been a client of BDO for the past years po and meron talaga 100 pesos charge for the inter branch transactions. I opened my acct @ Angeles City Nepo Mart branch pag super haba ng pila sa branch na un I go to the other BDO branches sa Angeles City (usually ung near Carmelite Monastery) at meron po tlgang charge..(without the super daming exclamation points and questions marks…dot dot dot lang…hehe…chill lang po)…nagswitch kc ako sa BDO (from BPI) kc sa super haba nyang banking hours even on weekends,maliban dun,wala ng mgndang side..kya cguro back to BPI na lng..ung friend ko nga na close account nya in less than a month kc hindi enough maintaining balance nya,ok kasalanan nya un,pero without prior notice agad agad lng cla magsasara ng account,so cguro sa umpisa lang cla ok….kung meron ka man transactions sa BDO be extra early,super early pra d ka abutin ng super bagal na service ng mga teller na usually nagdadaldalan muna bago pa tawagin next client….cguro bye BDO na lng and hello BPI again…thanks po sa blog na to it’s very useful, akala ko kc ako lng napeperwisyo sa system ng BDO,madami din pala

  14. I’ve a nasty experience with my BDO debit card. I tried to purchase a Brainbench online certification which costs 14USD. After entering my debit card details on the payment form and submitting, there was an error in processing transaction. A couple of days later, I found out that the amount of Php695 was deducted from my savings account and was wired to BrainB. I emailed Brainbench customer care and they said no such amount was transferred to them. They said my bank declined the transaction. And yet it clearly reflects on my BDO statement that the amount was wired to Brainbench. And now the mystery still remains: where did my money go?!

  15. Edith Galanay Mamaguin

    Well i want to write you with these system issue of Banco De oro. I had 3 times expersience with this online sytem with you guys that i send the money for an emergency . I sent around 12 noon expecting they would get it there in One or two hours yet my sister who was waiting there at Palapla cavite branch was told that it was not credited and ask me about it. I was so angry because my business need that money for the banks payment. Then when i called the office here in Singapore that it was credited only 9pm that day.

    Please people if you promise some good service deliver it. It may not be your fault as you claim but as long as you know that it was credited from the country of the sender then you shoul have an alternative to pay it on time. or at least you have an insurance for us.

    If service is what we are doing lets do with style, Deliver it to your costumer. That was 3rd time…hope it will not happen again. Thanks…

    Oh dear so you dont accept that many of us pala was having trouble here.

  16. BANCO DE ORO sucks BIG TIME, I have an ATM with dual account (Checking and savings), I had it replaced because it got stolen and specifically told them that its a dual account. So the day came when I picked up the ATM and unfortunately the bank was off line so I wasnt able to try it. After a week when I was going to use my ATM already I found out that the ATM was inactive. I called my branch and the person mentioned that she found out the following day that my ATM was inactive but never bothered to inform me!!! So CUSTOMER UNFRIENDLY.

    Second, I went to megamall to buy 1k USD for my trip to Hongkong but when I got there the branch refuses to sell me dollars because di daw yun branch ko!!! Its not as if I don’t have an account with the same bank iba nga lang ang branch!!!

    ONLINE BANKING? CONVENIENCE? Sa BANCO DE ORO invconvenience YUN because after filling up all the info in their website you need to print it, bring it to the branch and wait for 5 days!!! San ang convenience nun? I have 3 banks and so far BPI is the BEST, next to my Metrobank. I use to love Equitable pero nung BDO acquired it everything just collapsed. BDO? I WILL NEVER REFER TO ANYONE,I just keep my banking there kasi mabait yung branch manager that I have an account with but if it weren’t for her tagal ko nang isinumpa yun

  17. Hi! I found your blog when I was looking for BDO’s customer support number. Tried calling the number I found at t their website but it didn’t work. I didn’t know that I’ll ever say this but BDO’s service really SUCKS big time!!! Why? Here’s my story: I am a virtual assistant so I have clients that pay me online. I use XOOM. I have a peso account at BDO. So far when I used Xoom’s cash pickup option everything worked fine , not counting the 15-20 mins. I wait for my money to be released by the teller, everything worked fine. Now, I decided to try using Xoom’s bank deposit option. You know what? Until now the money hasn’t been transferred to my BDO account even though BDO has received the funds already!! Everytime I go to the branch of the bank I have an account they keep telling me to come back because the money isn’t available or it hasn’t been deposited to my account yet!! So where is the money? My client is really irritated and annoyed with BDO’s service already. I’m so embarrassed of the way BDO’s system works! As in nakakahiya talaga! I mean it’s not like that in other countries. FYI, Xoom has transfered/deposited the money to BDO last Dec. 5th pa, so its Dec. 11 na? Where is the f”ucking money na? That’s what I really want to know because my client won’t pay me again unless the funds are returned to him.

  18. BDO’s ebanking to me is not that user friendly.. That’s my opinion. In I observed that some parts of their ebanking system has bugs.. I can’t pay my father’s Sky Cable bill. After clicking submit/confirm, nothing happened. BDO should consider this problem if they really do find ways. Customer support should be considered top priority. I’m disappointed..

    • I think BPI is much better when it comes to online banking. My cousin is a BPI account holder, he always use online banking in sending money and paying bills so far no problems encountered. BDO sobrang bulok system sayang na sayang bakit naki pag merge ang EQUITABLE sa kanila. Ang ganda ng service ng EQUITABLE dati. Ngayon wala na. Ang konswelo de bola lang ng BDO long banking hours at open ang ibang branches pag Sunday. Majority pa dyan mga tellers suplada

      • I agree BPI is the best. I had 4 accounts there already and no customer complaint whatsoever. BDO, you should learn from BPI.

  19. Hi Guys!

    I’m sorry to hear that madami tayong nakaka experience ng inconvenience. I think in general, customer service should be taken seriously here in the Philippines. :(

  20. BPI..the best..particularly BPI express.. same day un application and card acquirement.. unlike BDO which took me 2 weeks before i can get the effing card.. BDO sucks big time

  21. They don’t seem to take their customers seriously. I authorized a transfer a week before. They said there was a problem and that they would send an email regarding the case.

    Excuse #1 for day 1 of not sending email:
    Down po internet namin.

    Excuse # 2 (after not sending it the next day and not updating me at all):
    Sorry im at home na.

    It’s day 4 now (not including the weekend) and nothing. Seriously, am i running a day care? Do i have to wipe the poop from your ass as well just so that you give a shit about the business I give your bank?

    • naku… poor service talaga. I am now trying to access my account thru their very slow and hanging internet banking. tapos session expired na. tawag ka naman sa hotline… walang sumasagot. sayang talaga ang oras ko dito…
      they will be charging inter-branch withdrawal/encashment amounting to PHP 200 per transaction even without any improvement on their poor services…. BDO clients should FIND WAYS on BDO inefficiencies. lipat ko na nga lang account …

      • ano po bang encashment nyo sa BDO, inter-branch lang ba within the same area code or inter regional which simply means different area code (area code same as to telephone area code)? kung nag-encashed kayo ng different area code at dollar account pa talagang may 200 pesos charge…pero kung inter regional encashment at peso account lang naman 50 pesos ang charge nila…..dapat i ask nyo kung bakit kayo nagkaroon ng charge at hindi tatahimik na lang kayo tapos magtatago kayo sa blog ng reklamo……di ba!??! kapag tinarayan kayo ng teller pwede nyong sabihin agad sa supervisor nila para magkaroon ng disiplinary action……if you’re really smart one you must know what to do…just concern citizen!!!

        • wala! bulok talaga ang BDO! ang haba haba ng pila parati, pag nag open ng atm acct. weeks ang bibilangin before makuha ang card, ang susungit pa ng mga tellers, ni report mo na nga sa mga supervisors, alammo kung ano sinabi? PASENSYA NA PO KAYO, HAYAAN NINYO AT KAKAUSAPIN KO…..siguro kaya mahaba ang pila pag nag tatransact ka sa kanila kasi may CELLPHONE LOADING services ang mga tellers ng BDO, as in kasama yata yun sa kanilang services

  22. hey, if ur really pissed, why not close ur account? :)
    i think HILLARY (at the 3rd or 4th comment) is working for a certain bank, he/she knows the policies, it is hard to transact with BDO because the person in front of you in line has toooooo many payments/deposits/transfers or whatever they call it. hehehe i think the teller doesn’t want to have a problem by the end of her/his night, like having a hard time trying to reach you, just to correct/give you ur change/ask u for the sobrang money he/she gave u.. God speed pare! :)

    • hi pompom,

      then i guess they should train their tellers more or add tellers in order to speed up the line for God’s sake. it’s a shame to see only one or two tellers accommodating a very long line.

      metrobank also have lots of clients but i have not experienced such pain when transacting with them.

      i admit that BDO have a lot of good products that’s why i opened an account with them in the first place. that is why i feel sorry that i have to consider closing my account because of their poor system and some untrained personnels.

  23. im planning to open an account sa BDO kc tapat lang namin. My account n ko sa BPI ,HAPPY naman ako kaya lang malayo ang BPI Family branch for me to deposit thats why i decided to open a new account with BDO, PERO SA MGA COMMENTS NYO, ayoko na. Tnx sa mga comments

  24. ang hina naman… close nyu na accounts nyo…. If u feel any discomfort that could kill u then get out of the way. wag nyu na patagalin mga pips d naman cla affected eh.. dami banks dyan, kaso pili kau ng malalaking bank baka ma tyugi pera nyo.. heheheheh… puro galit tao dito ah.. heheheheh…. close na…na…na… account. heheheh…


  25. hi ironnie! galit ah.. heheheh … go big brother!!!!! yoyoyo! keep on finding ways to fall in line…hmmm….. slipy na eh… wag syadong high-blood pogi mo pa naman naka side view..tsaka naka bow down..nice.nice.nice. mwahahha.. xoXOXxoO

  26. Regarding nmn s BDO jCB 4 gives card, last March 13 2009, I paid my bills which is due on the 15th. Then, last March 17 I tried to call 6318000, they said they were experiencing system enhancement therefore I send my payment slip thru fax. Then, March 21, I received a billing statement, it says n my late payment fee aq n 300.00. so, 2mwag ul8 aq s 6318000, they said i-rereverse dw un kc system error dw un,, know wht ung 300.00 turned into 1200.00 n, they always keep on promising for reversal peo wla, so every bill date q, ngk2roon ng 300.00, pro wen i call bdo 6318000 sv nla, i dont nid to pay un, kya lng ung nndun un s SMS-SOA q plge… KAINIS TLGA!! until now wla reversal.. does anyone experienced that?

  27. may tanong lang po aq. plan q kc bumili ng laptop. pero ngiipon pa rin aq til now. wla nman aqng credit card. sabi sakin ng ksamahan q sa work, ngagamit nia ung BDO ATM card nia in shopping online.. How does that works? Pwde q rin ba xa gamitin pra ma-credit q ung laptop na gusto q sa isang store sa MOA? thanks..

  28. Hi! Im checking just now about requirements etc in BDO kc Im interested to open an account with them. Actually, dati ako sa EPCI which was so great but before nagkaroon ng merge close ko account kc mas convenient sakin yong PNB until now though Im still interested sana to open another account with another bank, na supposedly sana BDO kc mas madami ATMs nila khit saan until, i got interested to read this site and found out the very bad customer service tsk2 I change my mind right away reading such things tsk2 … Thanks for sharing such and enlightening me.

  29. not knowing from 800 to 5000 pesos n pla ang maintaining balance ng BDO peso account,,so u know what? they just closed my account.. without any notice, sabi ng teller upon visitng the bank lng daw maiinform. so un feel free nmn sila na iclose ung account ko.. saya saya db

  30. I have a BDO ATM card…can I use in paying my air ticket online?
    Actually I only used by ATM while i was in Philippines, I’m outside of the country right now but is it possible to use my card in paying online purchases?

  31. I do have experience with BDO JCB 4Gives credit card. It’s been 4 months since I request for four (04) late payment reversal. This reversal occurs last March 19, 2009, I paid my bill before the due date but bcoz of system migration, I was billed for late charges of 300.00, until this became four (04) 300.00. BDO CSR keeps on saying that it still on process, I sent letters thru fax and email but until now nothing happened, I already paid it all, hoping that it will become over payment. Unfortunately, my card will be expire on November this year, but NOTHING HAPPENED. I HATE THEIR SERVICE.

  32. I have been using BDO for a lot of my transactions and I like their services but for online transaction I prefer using EON sa union bank lalo na when I am using paypal di kasi pwdi BDO debit card sa paypal eh sayang nga lang union EON debit card is the most widely used and recommended for using on online transactions specially with paypal

  33. My wife terminated her bank account with BDO last year because she was charged with dormant account charges. That pissed her off and she withdrew all her money from BDO to closer her account and transferred it to her Metrobank account.

  34. Have you been terminated from your work with BDO?
    I have known managers who endorsed credit card to the bank. when card holders did not pay their cards, they terminated the manager. many cases filed at NLRC are with the same nature. kawawa naman yung mga managers na nanggaling sa mas mabababang rank na naging managers dahil sa kanilang pagsusumikap mag trabaho ng maayos. nag endorse lang ng credit card, dumaan sa credit investigation, ng di sila makasingil tatanggalin ang manager. eh yung mga nag credit investigate natanggal din ba dahil hindi siila nag trabaho ng maayos? sila nag aprub tapos dahil hindi sila makasingil ganun na ang gagawin nila! please email me and lets join forces na labanan ang kalokohang ginagawa ng management ng BDO.

    • no i didnt work for them but thanks for the heads up. i have a friend who will be joining them soon.. i’ll advise him about this. sasabihin ko wag syang mag endorse ng mga credit cards.

      if it is true, then it is unfair. i guess it is beyond anyone’s hand kung di makapagbayad ang mga client. pero of meron mang dapat managot, tama kang yung mga nag CI dapat yun.

      i hope such cases can be resolved.

  35. bdo cash and carry sucks. they were asking for too many ID’s to get a remittance. the first issue was the signature in which case i submitted 2 valid ID’s, when I spok with another officer, she wants me to provide more ID’s sheeeez too much inconvenience. How many ID’s can one person carry at a time.? ( I already presented like 4 ID’s but theyt would’nt accept, I even have a bdo account where they can check my signatures.

    I went to MOA BDO instead. and viola! I got my remittance by presenting just 1 ID. I dont know what is wrong with BDO CASH AND CARRY, but one this is for sure BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!


  36. i was planning to open a savings account in bdo tomorrow. thank God chanced upon this article. maybe i’ll try bpi instead. thanks!

  37. Hay naku!!! BAD as in veeeery BAD experience sa credit card application. Application processing is veeeeeery slow! Sabi nung employee when I applied, 2 weeks processing daw, pero 2 weeks pala receiving pa lang ng application! They asked me for an additional payslip and sabi additional max of 21 days processing daw! THE HECK!

    Tapos dineny nila application ko for some unknown reason and I wasn’t even informed! Nalaman ko na lang yung status when I followed up. Kumpleto naman requirements ko and all it seems that they also UNDERESTIMATE yung paying capacity nung tao. I am only 22 kaya siguro nila ako dineny but I have a stable job for almost 2 years sa isang multinational company and I do receive quite a decent salary. Kaya nga ako nagaapply ng CC to build up my credit identity tapos dineny nila! Kung kelan pa naman ako ginanahan magapply ng CC, saka ko pa naexperience ang WORST SERVICE EVER!! Blessing in disguise hindi ako naapprovan, super wala palang kwenta yung service nila maccharge ka pa for delayed bills nila! Katagal ng processing tapos wala ka maaasahan! THEY REALLY SUCK BIG TIME!!!

    I think I will try Citibank and BPI instead! Dun sa mga nagbabalak sa BDO, THINK THRICE NOT TWICE! Promise, you’ll regret your experience! Bagay tag line nila… “We find ways…..” ….ways to get out of the bad!

  38. May I ask you guys to file a formal complaint to our customer service hotline (+632 631 8000) so we can properly handle all your complaints and reprimand the negligence of our officers.

    ATM Incident, that’s why it’s called an internet banking facility everything can ONLY be accessed through the internet.

    PLoans Incident, might want to complain in writing the Loans Officer who processed your friend’s application to identify the negligence that happened.

    Credit Card Transaction Slip as a requirement, it’s one of the alternative proof of financial status that BDO considers in approving your application actually it’s one of the leniency
    we practice to help you with your financial needs.

    Credit Card Application that was declined, maybe your credit ratio did not meet the credit standards, yes maybe you earn a decent salary from a multi-national organization but it does not guarantee that you are financially stable there are a lot of factors being considered in approving a credit card application especially we are being careful with our non-performing loans portfolio, minimizing delinquencies and exposure. We also have assets we need to protect like our employees and their families. You may apply again after six (6) months from your first application.

  39. BDO JCB 4 GIVES! I hate their service tlga!! I settled all the payments for my old credit card and at the same time expired n din, and yet SMS-SOA with membership fee and late payment dues still sending on my phone. I complained it since DEC 2009, I keep on telling their CSR that I NEVER RECEIVE new CREDIT CARD so how come I could pay for that, so CSR told me to IGNORE coz the account is closed but til now I’m still receiving SMS-Soa, therefore I called again at 6318000, they said they process dw but 7 months n 2. Anu b BDO? Twice ng inconvenience ang binibigay nyo.

  40. i opened an atm savings account at bdo. ang binigay sakin, debit card nila, para daw 2 ang functions. honestly ewan ko lang kung 2 functions talaga sya kasi ako ang gusto ko lang is a plain atm card… diba ang debit card walang interest??

    okay sana, kaya lang pagkabigay sakin di sya naka envelope as in walang info about my account – ung card lang talaga. kelangan ko pang hulaan kung ano ang account no. ko. dahil 9 digits lang ung nasa deposit slip ko nung nagopen ako so nagdadalawang isip ako kung yun ba yun kasi diba dapat 10 digits??

    about online banking naman, kelangan ko pang i- print ung email ko from them kasi di gumagana yung print option nila sa bdo site – kelangan nilang ayusin yun. so far sila lang ang bank na nagre- require ng printed document- such a hassle lalo na kung wala kang printer diba. dapat sila ang pinaka convenient na bank kasi sila ang supposedly no. 1 here.

    • Hi Vanilla! Their ATM indeed doubles as a Debit Card. Okay na din kasi convenient. You can use it at any store that accepts credit card so hindi mo na kailangang maghanap ng atm to withdraw. swipe it and mababayaran mo na binili mo. regarding interest naman, hindi ako familiar with BDO pero in other banks, their debit card earns interest kapag yung balance mo sa kanila reaches say 10,000php.

  41. ano ka ba? binandera mo na account number mo pati name mo, NOT SAFE. im telling you.

    ako na lang ang sasagot since dati akong teller ng BDO.

    hindi po PWEDE kase po automatically ang payroll account is account na ini-open sayo ng previous company para pasukan ng salary mo. kaya nga po payroll. if gusto nyo magpasok ng check, you need to open another account.
    i know, that sucks. pero ganun po talaga.

  42. I have a loan before with GE Money way back 2009. Cusotmer experience and service with GE.. excellent.. at par.. very friendly and efficient… I really have no complaint with GE.. every time I call to check the payments and remaining balance.. the reps came back with efficient and fast response.. transaction is done in just below 5 minutes .. Pero nung na migrate na sa BDO yung account namin due to merging.. dun na ang problema… they started charging me for late fees.. and my account was transferred to collections kasi delinquent payer daw.. sabi ko wait.. i’ve been paying my amortization every month and even higher than the required amount for the amortization and this is what i get.. yun pala every 10th daw ang due date.. sabi ko .. nobody told me about that … i just feel bad kasi malapit nang matapos ang payments ko and i feel na BDO is doing something to gain more from me… ang customer service.. putek.. parang ewan.. i started calling them kanina.. nasa RCBC pa ako.. nakapag bus na ako going to buendia MRT..nakapag mrt na at dumating ng cubao.. wala pa ring ni isa ang nakasagot sa simple inquiry ko kung magkano pa ang balance sa account… punyemas.. anong klaseng customer service yun… palighasa ang customer service nila naka outsource na sa Ventus at People Support Aegis… ayun sabi ng BDO mag send daw ako ng email requesting for reversal.. sana naman.. pero based sa mga comment ng mga tao dito.. parang malabong mangyari yata… yan talaga ang ayaw ko sa Pilipinas… ang pangit ng customer service…

  43. How can I complain about Banco De Oro Staff services?Branch Malolos Paseo congresso .Teller P**** A***** was very rude and discourteous

  44. BDO staff sa along poor service, 11:00am an dun na ako, mag deposit ng check, tapos me question sa cheke verify daw sa branch na kung saan ako nag open, aba nag lunch na sila wala parin result, bigla na lang aklong iniwan sa desk na walang tao, hangang sila nagkakainan na. daan daanan na lang ako, at halatang umiiwas sa tingin ko, until 2hrs di ko na natiis inaproach ko na kung yun teller, take note walang tao sa customer service, para pumunta pa ako sa teller to get the check para ipull out na lang, so walang transacation akong natapos sa kanila. s__ t mga staff dun. ewan ko kung bakit at sino ang nag hire sa mga katulad nila. next time HR BDO paki screen naman maigi ng mga staff nyo, mukhang di alam ang gagawin.

  45. We Find WAITs!!!

    BDO – Bagal De Oro

    Anak ng pating, mamumuti ang mata mo sa bagal ng transaction sa banko na yan. Ang kukupad ng mga teller (or is it the system?). Inoras ko kada customer. Mabilis na ang 3 minutes sa kanila which for me is way too looong compared sa other banks, and take note, single transaction lang yan ha. Napansin ko din na nagtitipid sila sa tauhan, most of the time lalo na kapag peak hours, mga 2 maswerte na may 3 tellers lang ang nasa pwesto samantalang merong 4 to 5 windows naman.

    Another thing, have you guys noticed that most of their ATMs are down during the 15th and 30th of the month (sweldo)?

    BDO – Bulok De Oro

  46. hej to all.. I just want to share something,, meron po akong ATM bank account sa BDO, na me laman na 10k before ako umalis papuntang denmark,, d’ko po sya nahuhulugan but I do really think active pa sya,, kse 10k peso ung remaining balance nya,, then I decided to open a new account again here in barcelona, same bank which is BDO,, pero bago ako ng open ask ko muna ung CBN company if pde ako mg open ulit,,sabi nmn daw yes,, so,, ngopen nga ako,, ngaun meron na akong new ATM and BANK book account from BDO,, but I feel sorry when I heard from my sister na closed na ung old ATM bank account ko,, so, now how can I get my money back.. if meron pong employee d2 ng BDO sana po matulungan ako,, I opened my ATM bank account in Grace park caloocan since 2007… if ndi po matawagan pansin ung hinaing ko, I will tell all the Filipinos here aboard not to open an account in BDO bank.. and I will pull out my money on that BDO bank in my new account.. thnak you very much…

  47. yup.. super inconvenient talaga tong internet banking ng BDO. akalain mo they asked me to send a printed registration form with my signature from US to Pinas. kaya nga ako mag-oonline banking kasi you do it sa internet to save me some bucks in sending money to my family, eh ganito pa kelangan ko pa gumastos sending my form sa Pinas taz super tagal pa bago maasikaso. grrr ewan! kainis!

  48. I have just experienced really bad customer service from BDO. I opened a dollar account last year to hold my savings. I was ok with them until I asked for online banking access.

    And then the shit hit the fan.

    It’s a long story but I put every detail of their sucky service and preposterous demands on this blog post:

    Let it be a warning to anyone who wants to open an account with them. Especially OFWs!

  49. BDO sucks! Napakabulok ng system!

    BDO MOA simpleng pag de debit lang di pa kaya? Ako pa ang namromroblema ngayon? Para magbayad over the counter? Pwede naman i debit nyo next payout dba? Kaya naman dba?

    BDO ano ba ang mali? Ung computer/machine ba o ung mga tauhan nyo na tamad at walang alam kundi mag make up lang.

  50. Hah! I have exactly the same experience with the online banking registration. I waited in line at bdo for 40 mins. wanting to apply for online banking, only for the teller to tell me that they don’t have a form and I need to do it online. So I go home and go online, only to find out I have to bring the printed form back to the bank… which had me wait another 30 mins before accepting the form. Oh, and it took them nearly a month before it was approved.

    My latest issue with them is last week I noticed that my credit card started getting declined for all my online transactions. When I emailed customer support about this, they told me they’d escalate my problem and get back to me.

    After a week without any reply, I emailed them again, only for them to tell me that they’ve deactivated all BDO credit cards for online transaction and that I needed to use my virtual card now. So they just decided to do this without announcement? How about me needing to follow up before they replied to my email?

    And more importantly, they said the virtual card can not be used for airflight or hotel reservations because these will need confirmation of a physical card.

    Eh aber, ano ngayon gagamitin ko pang flight at hotel reservation???? Went back to using my BPI credit card… which I wanted to avoid using coz I have supplementaries also using that card.

  51. I am a foreigner and have a housing loan with BDO, in the past 2 months I have found myself in financial difficulties, last month I only paid a bit under half the monthly due amount then paid the remaining 2 weeks later, I have since been told that I cannot pay a part payment, I have to pay the full monthly instalment, ( I was told there system can’t except part payments) so if you are even p50 short of your monthly payment BDO will charge you interest / fees on the full monthly payment due, I was charged p1,200 for the 2 weeks that I was not able to pay the full amount, is this extortion on a full scale? I think yes!
    I can now understand t when a Pilipino gets in a hole (financial trouble) no body lets them get out, they immediately get pushed back in the hole when trying to get out, even to a point where the bank stands on your head.
    In my country the interest rate charged by the banks is 6.7% the interest rate here by the banks seems to be around 10.25% – 12% Here there is interest on interest, it’s up to you to as philipino’s to complain to the banks , back home we don’t let the banks get away with this type of behaviour , we protest immensely to the banks, the media loves such stories current affair TV shows love this.
    Bdo is offering a promo of 6% but wait for it, it is only locked in for 12 months so look out guy’s

  52. I am a foreigner and have a housing loan with BDO, in the past 2 months I have found myself in financial difficulties, last month I only paid a bit under half the monthly due amount then paid the remaining 2 weeks later, I have since been told that I cannot pay a part payment, I have to pay the full monthly instalment, ( I was told there system can’t except part payments) so if you are even p50 short of your monthly payment BDO will charge you interest / fees on the full monthly payment due, I was charged p1,200 for the 2 weeks that I was not able to pay the full amount, is this extortion on a full scale? I think yes!
    I can now understand when a Pilipino gets in a hole (financial trouble) no body lets them get out, they immediately get pushed back in the hole when trying to get out, even to a point where the bank stands on your head.
    In my country the interest rate charged by the banks is 6.7% the interest rate here by the banks seems to be around 10.25% – 12% Here there is interest on interest, it’s up to you to as philipino’s to complain to the banks , back home we don’t let the banks get away with this type of behaviour , we protest immensely to the banks, the media loves such stories current affair TV shows love this.
    Bdo is offering a promo of 6% but wait for it, it is only locked in for 12 months so look out guy’s

  53. BDO is the worst bank ever!! that’s one of the reason i had to move my personal savings to metrobank and BPI. unfortunately i cannot transfer my payroll account. i tried to withdraw the max amount that i can in one transaction in one of their machines, unfortunately the machine did not dispense any cash and it was debited from my payroll account. so i went to the nearest branch, and i was just advise to call their customer service number!!! wtf!!! im already inside one of their branches! so i called the hotline and waited for like 10 mins before i got to talk to someone and i was advised the money will be returned in 5 banking days!!! bullshit di ba??!!! they’re system sucks and you pay for it??!!! i may not have millions but i hope rich and smart people realize that their cus service sucks bigtime. yeah they find ways….. the long way…. and the hard way!! i hope they get robbed everday :)

  54. PLEASE DONT KEEP ON ABOUT bdo, as look who is the owner of it,, yes the same owner as SM, and we all know that they are robbers there, one over charging, two not giving you you right change which is theft,, plus sell old dated goos, and making there own prices, and charging for a carton to put shopping in, please ask what happens to the CHANGE THEY DONT GIVE YOU ASK THE STAFF, AS THEY WILL TELL YOU ,,,,LETS TAKE THEM TO COURT……….

  55. Yesterday I applied online for online banking, this time it can be done through the internet for real, although you had to activate it in one of their atms. I activated mine at around this time yesterday.

    In their FAQs, it is written that the online account can be accessed 24hours after atm activation. Guess what? It still hasn’t been activated today yet.

  56. Talk about ‘WE FIND WAYS’… yeah right! I went to BDO today to exchange a damaged (torn) 100peso bill. Your guess is right! BDO refused to take it, telling me to take my bill to BSP! I tried to argue about this knowing that banks are supposed to exchange damaged/old bills as per BSP rules but it’s impossible to argue with BDO tellers. I just decided to go to Chinabank and they were more than happy to exchange my bill. This was just one of the many BAD experiences I had with BDO. Thank God I don’t have an account with them anymore. They don’t deserve not even a peso from me. I’m very much happy investing with Chinabank. People there are very friendly and accomodating, from the guards up to the manager, regardless of the branch.

  57. pag ba cash pick up need tlga ng reference no.?kc yung account ko sa pnb ang gnmit ng ate ko pra mgpadala saken ng pera sa bdo..pls help!
    and 1 more thing ang taray ng teller..nagchichikahan lng nman..

  58. Hello po. Nag apply ako sa BDO just a week ago. and tomorrow I’ll be having my exam and interview. my idea po ba kau if magkano ung sweldo ng teller? Thank you!

  59. I have an Asenso Kabayan account sa BDO for 5 years, I am a seawoman. For 5 years continous ang remittance ko, and lahat ng savings ko dun nkpasok. Then I opened up a business so I had to withdrew all my savings and had to file leave of absence sa company ko pra ayusin muna business ko. Nung kinulang ang starting capital ko sa business, nagfile ako ng loan sa BDO to add sa capital. Well, kahit gaano kaganda ang SOA ko, denied pa rin ako, because wla rw ako work, hm naka-leave lng ako noh.. at 4 sure pgbalik ko ng barko, sangkatutak na pera n naman iaakyat ko sa kanila! Kya ung next contract ko, I transferred my remittance sa BPI, plus ung kita ng business ko.. Hay bkit kya nagiging ganyan ang management ng BDO, sobra sila IMPRAKTIKAL..

  60. Nakakatuwa, mag-oopen sana ako ng account sa BDO today, to read your comments here is a nice thing I did while on my way to City. Feeling ko kasi maganda sa BDO but I think its BPI parin pala or Metrobank. I guess. I could not say maniniwala pa rin ako sa sarili ko kasi @ first BDO na talaga ang balak kong pagbubuksan ng savings account… Pero mabiblame ko ba kayo? Ehhh thats what you’ve experienced and I am considering that anyway. Thanks to you guys.

  61. Yuck!!i loathe hate despise BDO. Ang bobo ng mga teller pati heads nila.!!! I asked my immigration form to be signed by their bank for the purpose of my show money..ayaw mag sign ng mga pucha!! E gago pala sila e kung binigyan ako ng statement walang problema. Tapos binigyan na lng ako para di na daw sila mag sign..ANONG KLASENG STATEMENT YUN???PRINT LNG SA COUPON BOND!! TAKE NOTE WALANG LETTER HEAD. e kahit ako makakagawa nun ah!!eto pa.. NAGPABAYAD PER PAGE!!!anak ng tipaklong!! TO THINK HA NEVER SILA NAG MAIL NG STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT SA AKIN! Nagpabayad pa. 30pesos per page!! HOYYY BDO Napakagarapal niyo!!mahiya kayo sa sarili ninyo..DARATING DIN PANAHON AT MAKAKARMA KAYO!! LALO NA YANG BDO SM DAVAO!!mga teller nyo bobo..dapat typist na lng hire nyo kasi yan lng function nila.WALANG UTAK!!!

    • you should have requested bank certification. That document has a BDO letter head and signature of a branch manager. Tellers/ Bank staff and officers are not allowed to sign other forms. Reason? for the safety of the bank personnel and the institution itself. That’s the policy of every bank here since signatures are like thumbprints.

  62. Wag na po kaung magbubukas ng Account sa BDO kung ayaw niyo ng headaches. . ung Personal Loan ko na 20k lnag naman na-DENY pa -samantalang yung Payroll namin BDO at me savings account pa ko sa kanila na may 15k na deposit.
    Tsk. .tsk tsk, ,, Sorry guys. .-We DON”T Find Ways.

  63. ang pinsan ko nakakaiyak experience sa Bdo,2 years na yung car loan nya, unfortunately nag arrears sya ng 3 months, nung may pambayad na sya ayaw na nila tanggapin, pinipilit pa sya papirmahin ng voluntary surrender, at ang worst pa freeze nila atm payroll account ng pinsan ko, grabe harassment, they truly find ways…para mangharass at makuha nila gusto nila.

  64. Grabe! kainis talaga! Bakit sila ganon? porque may auditor dun sa branch magiging strikto na sila sa policy? sana maging consistent naman sila. di man lang aku binigyan ng babala. mga 1 taon na kaya aku pabalik2x dun. kasalanan nila kung bakit sa simula pinayagan nila aku makawidraw kahit wala yung hinihingi nilang requirements db… kung sinabihan man aku nuon na yon dapat gawin, bat wala man lang follow up? Pagkatapos inapprove pa rin nila yung transaction. Akala ko okay lang. yon pala hindi. Naku! Mamamatay ata aku sa kunsumisyon. hayyy…

  65. ako i have 2 accts s bdo payroll and savings,nag apply na ako twice ng personal loan s bdo and approved nman,tpos last may 2012 nag apply ako ulit declined,d ko alam ano reason nla,good payor nman ako,i pay early before the due date,sa verifier ng bdo pakicheck nman maige dpt nga prioritize nyo mga depositors nyo.

  66. Hi,

    I applied for a BDO Credit Card and its 2 months na pero wala paring response from them. Its still pending upon checking sa site nila.

    For me? BPI is more convenient, specially for e-banking. Ang dali ng online banking registration and user friendly yung Interface nung website pati narin yung Profile Overview.

    Thanks for the feedback to BDO anyway. May idea na ako kung ano gagawin ko.

  67. come on my friends realize that BDO IS A SM ENTITY. Old employess of Equitable PCI that remained after the merger with BDO are relable and
    experienced. Otherwise the new once which is about 80% of the tellers are EX sales girls transfered to be a teller. With what experience can be derived. This is the reson for your long wait. Suggest transfer to BPI welcome if you need efficency. A bank that expands too much with too many outlet unfortunatelly WILL TEND TO COLLAPSE.

  68. BDO sucks… they charged P50 for interbranch encashment. BDO account lang ng another BDO branch. Doesn’t matter how much. That P50 per check. I have an account with UCPB, they don’t charge naman. I don’t understand why they have to charge.

  69. How about your actual banking experience at their counters for withdrawals or payment transactions? In all branches, I’ve been so far especially kung maraming clients, you’ll have to stand and wait on a long queue. Nakaka-ngalay din ng matagal nakatayo ha.

    Why won’t they follow other’s trend like UCPB for example, they have an electronic numbering system and while you wait, you can sit comfortably in their couch or ergonomic chairs while your wait for your turn. The others at least won’t also make you stand too long as they also have a numbering system (ticket) and you can just sit conveniently anywhere that’s available within.

    Hays they “find ways” nga naman… tsk tsk!

  70. The IMC for that “We find ways” should be fully integrated down to front line customer service. the scope of we find ways is not clear as a tag-line but of course, it’s a big promise that they have freely place on broadcast, and customers will definitely look for easier ways to transact. My experience is a long story, but I would not get to this site if I wasn’t looking for BDO – we find ways. (Slow and poor staying true to “we find ways”; BDO JMT ADB Avenue Ortigas Pasig, AO is John Zabarte, supervisor Jeff Ngo.)

  71. This happened to me as well. I paid them in full in 2005 and requested to have my account closed. But they were charging me of the annual fee when in fact I didnt request for renewal and that they also didnt renew my account. so there was like 200 bucks left on my credit and was the reason they could not close my account. a month passed then since i paid in full, my credit is open and a series of auto debit transactions were successfully charged on my account. I contested on these transactions but BDO wont accept their fault and bills me the whole amount. Up until now, 2013 they want me to pay for the billed amount I did not utilize. I dont want to pay for something i did not use/spend. Since BDO is so hard to talk to, I just left my account hanging. I still have high hopes that I may still speak to someone from BDO regarding my concern that will be customer-centered and not bias on their collections. If you know who to talk to, please refer them to us. thanks

  72. i just called now 10:50 pm july 8, 2013 bdo hotline, and i hope agents over the line are not the “know it all” type of person.. i feel frustrated about this agent.. she doesnt let me finish my concern.. she talks and she talks.. her information are not very helpful unlike the other agents ive encounter. she dont listen to me when i speak which is not cool because i am sick and my voice is going.. since she dont listen her answer doesnt relate in anyway.. i understand very well what she said and she even makes me like stupid, i dont answer since this is not the answer i wanted from her.. ive said thank you and i have no more question to her since shes not been very helpful.. but while i talk.. she talk talk talk.. she never listen.. its annoying so i hang up.. i hope i could make a survey like this.. im just really frustrated by now.. =-=

  73. I have an experience, just today, on how rude these people are. I was depositing for the account of my boss in BDO-Corporate Center in Makati. It just so happened that I wasn’t able to contact our account manager ahead of time to assist us. So I went directly to the bank since I was a bit familiar with some people there to assist me. I was depositing a huge amount of money since it is a corporate account. I got a lot of side comments from the manager and the teller and they somehow made me feel that they are thinking that the money was stolen!!! I think were so pissed since the money were not arranged facing the same sides. However, it was already bundled for them to easily count it. I wouldn’t mind helping them arranging it, but to count and arrange it in front of many people and with me standing for hours in the counter without any offers from them for me to take a seat. With other managers, they would offer you to take a seat in a secluded area so that you won’t attract people’s attention. It would seemed that it was my fault for them to have a difficult job, but I just want them to realize that I am a CLIENT, it is their job to provide better services. I was depositing money to their bank and not closing an account….I don’t think anyone would be deserving to be treated poorly. I haven’t showed them arrogance when I was transacting with them I was very courteous. I even said “Thank you” after that but the teller couldn’t even smile or acknowledge. She seemed bored and made me feel that I somehow wasted her time. I mean, even for a simple depositor, they should give good service without discriminating them. They should be thankful that people are patronizing their bank and because of that they have what they so-called JOBS. I think next time, i go there I would mention this rudeness to the account manager who handles our account.

  74. NEVER EVER GET A LOAN FROM THEM. We just had a discrepancy with our home loan with BDO.. yes HOME LOAN! Meaning this is something huge and something that’s already taking away our peace of mind! Someone from the side of the seller of the house wanted to file a dispute on the sale of house.. And what BDO does is harassing us and wanting us to take all the liabilities.. Really? You approved all the papers now you find yourself stuck in the corner? So the wait for more than a year on the approval of the loan is not enough to prove that the sale is legit? BDO asked for so many documents for the approval of this and now that they’re having some discrepancy, they’re finding their way out and leaving their loyal customer in pain? Now that BDO is faced with complaints by this person who’s another moron, the bank just sends us a letter to change our collateral in 3 days (yes 3 F*CKING DAYS, – in lay man’s term, maghanap daw kame ng bagong bahay na iccollateral!) otherwise they’ll file a complaint against us! To you who sent us a letter from your good office, F*CK YOU! Wow ah, kame na kumuha ng loan sa inyo at nagtiwala kame pa kakasuhan niyo? Haha hilarious, don’t even know what you’re talking about! And if we are not able to comply we need to pay the remaining balance of almost 2Million+ in 1 month? How’s that??? The reason why we filed a housing loan is because we don’t have the capability to buy a property in cash, now they’re giving us a notice like this? Now they tell us, THEY FIND WAYS??? F*CK YOUR WAYS BDO!! PERA PERA LANG ALAM NIYO! WALA KAYONG KWENTA! SEE YOU NALANG IN COURT, BAKA MAKUHA PA NAMEN BAHAY NAMEN NG LIBRE!

  75. They find ways? That’s a laugh! This bank is incredibly stupid. I have an existing housing loan, a previously fully-paid auto and personal loan—all of which have no past due history ha. May substantial deposits din me pero WTF! And 1 existing credit card with no past due history din. Pero when I requested for an increase in credit limit na maliit lang–DECLINED. Now you decide if this bank’s slogan is a just a marketing gig. I remember tuloy yung commercial: ‘I applied for an auto loan pero na-decline ako. I applied for a housing loan, na-decline din. Pero with this bank, they really find ways!’ What a load of crap! You gotta admit, after satisfactory dealings with this customer over the years, naisip nyo pa magdecline? The ONLY BANK IN THE PHILIPPINES to decline good repeat clients! Will surely pull out my business from them. Slowly but surely. Pero, what the heck, maliit lang na customer naman ako eh. Wala naman bearing diba?

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