Welcome 2014

Happy new year everyone!

I am so close to proclaiming that the holidays really do belong to the children. They are the happy ones while adults are the tired ones. However,i cannot deny the happiness I feel whenever I see family and friends gathering together and enjoying a good laugh. Such occasions are rare to come by especially in today’s digital age.

Lesson learned: Prepare much earlier and plan smarter.

I’ll probably buy presents little by little throughout the year. Also, we will just probably order food instead of cooking them. This will definitely spare everybody in the family from the unnecessary stress and tedious cooking. With this, we can probably enjoy interacting more with each other.

Christmas Wishlist

My friend’s nephews have started getting and iPad mini for their selves and boy I’m starting to get jealous of them. Well I do have my iPhone with me but constantly using it only drains it’s battery faster. By the time I’ll be leaving home for an appointment, the unit is dead.

I wanted to have the freedom to enjoy browsing music, listening and watching music videos, and enjoying an ipad guitar interface and not worry about a drained cellphone battery.

Music is pretty much something I indulge myself to when I’m at home. I would definitely love to enjoy all of these activities on an iPad or iPad mini.

A Few More Days Before Christmas

A few days more and Christmas is here once again. Sad to say, though I previously said that I will be preparing for this year’s holiday season, I still failed to prepare the way I wanted to be. Well, I’ll just make the most of what I can with so little time I have and so little money at hand. I just want to have a memorable and meaningful season with the people I love. I would definitely want to have a sumptuous dinner in a restaurant. This will relieved mom from all the chores that comes with dinner preparation.

Paris Adventure

Paris is probably one of the famous destinations of the world. This is because this European city has a lot to offer aside from the Eiffel Tower which tops its attractions.

For fans of Gothic architecture, the Notre Dame cathedral which lies in a small island inthe heart of the city is a must see place.

For art lovers, visiting The Louvre should top the list as the museum houses two of the most celebrated work of art – the Mona Lisa and the Venus of Milo.

Staying in luxury apartments in paris is another thing to experience. What better way of spending your days in Paris but to live in gradeur and style. The two qualities the shows in Paris’ most famous attractions.

Cheer For Me

I am beginning to hate myself for not being able to start things that need to be started for the simple reason that it is not convenient. I need to lose weight. However, the behavior modification that I need to do remains in my head and does not translate to action.

I always tend to have a reason for postponing it getting me to nowhere. A proof to the truth that in discipline, your greatest enemy is yourself. My goal will remain attainable without me doing anything. If you could, please cheer for me. ^^

Silver Over Gold

Among gold, silver, and bronze; people gives more value to gold compared to the other two. However, some people do not necessarily go for the mos expensive as there are more than one factor why people love the things they love. Gold and silver have a very distinct differences especially in their color. Gold is warmer, silver is cooler. Definitely, there are people who prefers one over the other.

If you are one of the people who goes for silver, you probably hold a list of the best site for buying silver in your hands. WEll, then happy shopping for you! ^^

Planning for the Long Weekend

October 26 is a non-working holiday in the Philippines. I definitely would love to be able to do a road trip to anywhere with easy listening music playing on the radio. But as the holiday season is fast approaching, saving enough money is a definite must.

I know that travelling need not be expensive so if you have a good travel itinerary that does not require a large sum of money, I would appreciate it if you can share it with me. A location that can be reached with a car, have a picturesque view, and has an affordable lodging will be an ideal one.

Happy long-weekend planning to everyone.